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Cam Form



Customer Name ___________________________


Engine Info

Type of cam (circle one): -Flat Tappet  - Roller

Type of lifter (circle one): Hydraulic lifter -  Solid  lifter 

Desired engine Performance (circle one): Low end torque - Mid range power - Mid range and top end power

Engine usage (circle one): Street only, Street/Strip - Drag Race - Oval Track - Truck/tractor pull - Marine - Other______________________

RPM range desired: Minimum & Maximum. Low from___________ up to__________ Rpm

Engine Specifications: Engine make____________________ Year______ Cubic Inches__________

Bore & Stroke_______________________________

Number of Cylinders_______ Type of fuel____________

Type of manifold_____________________ Supercharged or Turbo Charged?_____________ Boost PSI?________

Carb or F/I,Type? ________________ Carb CFM or F/I HP rating __________ Nitrous oxide? Yes / No ________

Type of cylinder heads__________________________ Runner CC________ Combustion Chamber CC _________

Comp. ratio ___________ Rocker arm ratio________

Valve sizes________________________ Heads stock or ported?____________ Lifter Bore diameter?___________

Vehicle Info

Weight of vehicle______________ Year & make of vehicle_______________________ Rear axle ratio_________

Transmission type_____________ If Auto Trans- Stall speed_____________ Tire size and diameter____________

Current camshaft information

Lifter type (circle one): Hydraulic - Solid  - (circle one): Flat Tappet - Roller

Advertised duration: Intake ________ Exhaust________ Duration at .050 Intake_________ Exhaust____________

Cam lobe lift: Intake_____________ Ex._____________ Lobe separation_______

What are you wanting to accomplish by changing the cam?________________________________________________________________